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We sell UK industry-standard, plain wedding rings for men and women at brilliantly cheap prices.

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Precious Metals Guide
Our Guide for Selecting Precious Metals…

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, Gold seems to be the choice that most people make.

It's a logical choice as Gold does not tarnish or rust, which is why, if you watch archaeological television programs and they dig up some gold jewellery, it looks brands new in spite of the fact it's been buried for many hundreds of years.

However other precious metals such as platinum, titanium and palladium are becoming increasingly popular choices for both wedding and engagement rings… so what so special about the different types of precious metal?

Element name: Aurum - Symbol: Au - Atomic number: 79

Gold RingGold is the daddy of all precious metals and has been used for jewellery and fine arts since the dawn of time.

Being a soft metal, gold is easy to work and due to the fact it doesn't rust or tarnish, make it perfect for jewellery. However these days almost all gold jewellery is mixed with other metals to make it harder as pure (24 carat) gold is too soft.

Copper is commonly used as an alloy with gold which gives it a redder colour, resulting in 'red' gold. Other base metals are alloyed such as palladium, platinum, silver and so on. Depending on the quantities present, this can produce white gold, yellow gold, rose gold an so on.

Element name: Platino del Pinto - Symbol: Pt - Atomic number: 78

Platinum RingAlmost as rare as gold, as white as silver, yet far more valuable is Platinum.

Its resistance to wear (although it will pick up small scratches easily as with any shiny service) and tarnish make it ideal for jewellery, although it is not as easily workable as other precious metals. Only around 30% of the platinum produced ends up as jewellery, with almost half being used for the control of emissions from internal combustion engines in the form of catalytic converters.

Being highly inert, platinum is resistant to expansion and contraction when subject to temperature changes and as such platinum wire is used in a vast range of applications.

Element name: Pallas - Symbol: Pd - Atomic number: 46

Palladium RingAnother of the silvery-white precious metals in Palladium.

Relatively unheard of in the jewellery scene until recently, Palladium wedding rings are becoming more popular as an alternative to 'white' gold due to a huge increase in the price of platinum, an essential ingredient of 'white' gold.

Palladium is also a substitute for silver in photographic applications and is commonly used in electronics.

Element name: Titan - Symbol: Ti - Atomic number: 22

Not strictly a precious metal but that doesn't stop the highly durable Titanium from becoming increasingly popular in 'cheap' accessory-style jewellery.

It is highly inert and therefore is ideal for those who suffer from allergic reactions when other precious metals are in contact with the skin for long periods of time.

It is frequently used in body jewellery and can take on a wide variety of colours when anodised. Having an intensely white pigment, Titanium is uses to manufacture white gold and as pigment in paint, plastic and even toothpaste.

Element name: Argentium - Symbol: Ag - Atomic number: 47

Silver is used to make jewellery, ornament, tableware and many other things.

It is the most electrically conductive and most thermal conductive of all metals and as such is used in electronics. In fact, silver is the most versatile of the precious metals and is used in medicine & dentistry, photography & optics, musical instruments, nuclear reactors and even clothing… but it's the malleability and lustre of silver that makes it ideal for jewellery and ornate tableware.

However, due it being more prone to oxidisation, silver is not recommended as an 'everyday' metal and is therefore seldom chosen for engagement and wedding rings which are intended to be worn day in, day out.
Our experienced and trusted personnel are happy to answer your enquiries and provide advice and information about our products.

Please feel free to contact us :-)
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